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I’m Sander! I’m from the Netherlands where I was born and raised. At a young age I was interested in computers and how I could hack them in such a way that it could do more with it than it supposed to do😅

In the past I’ve played some games starting with Habbo Hotel. At the time I made a so called fan-page with the price rating of the furniture which was quite a lot of work!

One day I transformed my WYSIWYG edit like site into plain HTML.. So from that moment on I needed to learn HTML to continue with my website and there I discover my love for programming and running services.

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What I do

Short answer, I create things. I love to come up with ideas and get to work.

I also love to work for other people and help them realize their digital dreams! So if you have a great idea don’t wait any longer and get in touch!

Oh, btw doesn't belong on that list!

I have decided to sell most of my domains to support the server. Here's a list of domain that I have for sale :blobcoffee:

Just give me a PM with the domain you like 🙂

Of course, i like science and technology. Youtube channels i like:

* Thought Emporium weird name, like the project.
* NileRed ... overall, i don't understand chemistry well..
* Applied Science
* NurdRage ,
* Cody's Lab
* Jeri Ellsworth

I muck around myself, but understanding&doing things hard. Like (continued)

w0000t! Voyager 2 is also in interstellar space!

Voyager 2 becomes second man-made object to enter interstellar space - NASA
The US space agency has confirmed that the second of its Voyager space probes has left the heliosphere, the magnetic field and particle layer created by the Sun. Read Full Article at

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I’m Sander and I’m the administrator of this Mastodon instance. The purpose of this instance is a personal blog, portfolio and place to share my photos and videos.

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