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I like to take quick snapshots from the places I visit, just a quick photo like a visual diary!

Their for I like to dedicate this topic to the photos I take with my iPhone when I’m on the road.

Yay, it’s my birthday today! 🎂🎉

@vaibhavgupta This is the only post I can see from you. Can you maybe post another test?

Just a plain post without a mention :-)

@vaibhavgupta I can’t read all your posts from ..

Is that Hubzilla you’re using?

I’m thinking of posting some photos of myself under this topic!

@sαndєr snєl✨ Hope mastodon add an option of getting notification of people you follow kind of nice

It was an early morning yestersol
I was up before the dawn
And I really have enjoyed my stay
But I must be moving on...

Take one last look around #Mars' Vera Rubin Ridge and see the area I'll be exploring next.

360 video best viewed in YouTube app: …

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sαndєr snєl✨

I’m Sander Snel and I’m the administrator of this Mastodon instance. The purpose of this instance is a personal blog, portfolio and place to share my photos and videos.

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