in this week i learn if things are working good at one place then dont move them.ohh my instance a little mess it became i want to do something good but everything doesnt work as you wanted.

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Next time @Gargron makes a mistake I'll call him gargwrong

@Sander ARM server are out of stock should i go with 2 GB ram

@Sander You look busy and i dont have time huh

good night

@snder Ok I was curious to get more deep into this So can you tell me where to find these CMD?and how?

Wanted to install Wordpress with optimized setting Test out

Looks Neat though

@snder Are you free ? and can we talk a little bit


Working but same error when running

systemctl enable mastodon-*

@snder Brother there is some error Got everything working but when running

systemctl enable mastodon-*
it gives an error
Failed to enable unit: Unit file mastodon-\x2a.service does not exist.

Can you help whats the issue here?

@snder I think you better handover domain to me still not updated

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