Its weird that mastodon dm is a mess and no one ever created an issue for it🤔​

@aeveltstra There is no way to sort our user in dm so if you and me talking with each other on dm every time on different post then it became a mess you have to scroll down to other dm to actually find the chat you were looking which is time consuming

@Vidhi I can see how that becomes annoying quite quickly. Let's tell @Gargron .

@aeveltstra @Gargron

I very much doubt that he ever gonna reply to this Although i will create an ticket on Github let see what they think

@Vidhi I would hope that @Gargron will see his name mentioned whether he's gonna reply to the toot or not. And yes: opening a ticket on GitHub will help, too.

@aeveltstra @Gargron

I will create an issue on Github that is more promising

@Vidhi @aeveltstra @Gargron LOL man, i just ordered burgers to be home delivered, and got a call saying the delivery driver got into an accident and got killed, LMAO!!!!
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